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In the news: Islam fears. My opinion

November 19, 2010

   I just read this story about Americans pressing charges to prevent the construction of Islam mosque in New York and wanted to comment on it. Full Story

Islam On Trial

Source: Economist

   The fact is, as I see things on the news, there are increasing “Islam fears” growing in the United States. There have been literally hundreds of news coverage about this issue about how Americans are now moving against Islam. Now, I’m not generalizing and saying all American hates Muslims; but from the way newspapers portrait it, it seems like the fears is pretty big and growing.

   I don’t have a religion so I don’t know how it is to be Christian. But, some of my friends are Christian, Catholic, Hindi, Buddhism and all those different religions. I also discovered in one of the old yearbooks that there were some Islamic followers in the graduating class. I find it totally normal, without feeling like “terrorists”.

   So why do these Americans hate (or fear) Muslim so much? One probable reason is, they don’t know anything about Muslim. Their understanding of Muslim ends at the weird head covering and terrorism. People often fear what they don’t understand (that’s why alien movies succeed) and so, as they don’t understand Islam, they fear them.

   Recently, I was able to visit Malaysia and this is the scene that I have found:


Source: blog.asiahotel

   The point that I’m trying to put across is that: The street is almost entirely made up of Islamic practitioners. In their TVs, they even have a special “Prayer time” when all the channels just go blank for Islamic people to pray. If all of them were indeed “terrorists”, the entire country has already gone wild. Hell, even their police follows Islam.

   Here’s the truth: These guys are just humans. They have their religious values, as much as Christians do. Do I have to remind that Christians also condemned homosexuals before? I guess not.

    Now, I’ll try to give out a solution: Education. Try to educate kids more about Islam and it’s beauty. Teach them the wonder of Islamic arts, make them confortable with the idea of “Islam”. Try to educate the adults so that they feel that Islam is normal, a part of life.

   Some problems though: Firstly, it’s extremely politically unpopular and even President Barack Obama or any other good Presidents couldn’t implement it without consequences. Secondly, it’s costy especially given the state of public educations in the Untied States. Thirdly, it needs a long term commitments. So this solution is hard to obtain. Remember guys, hard but not impossible.

   To conclude, I believe that Islam fear is stupid and irrational. There is no reason to fear a perfectly moral and normal group of people. It’s just not right hating somebody for their religions. We are humans and we have emotions and our minds are made so we can think and create change. It’s time to end this stupidity.


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