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The day after: High School Musical opening night

November 19, 2010

Hi guys, last night, we just performed the High School Musical’s opening night. It was like… wow. But let me start by telling you about the morning.


I woke up a bit later than usual, got a super fast shower and ate my breakfast (which is basically bread). And I grabbed the black lunch box which would be my dinner since the performance starts at 7p.m and I’m just not bothered to get home.  Before I got out of the house, I wore the High School Musical shirt because it was basically High School Musical day in our school.

Anyways, during my first lesson, I worked on the presentation that’s coming up in two weeks and got some nice progress on it. It really is going to be great if I can do this right. The bad news came during the second period though. Three of my friends’ bikes were impounded by the police because of “illegal parking” right in front of the school and told them to see the principal immediately after school. I was pretty worried but it turned out that the Principal just wanted to tell them of procedures to get their bikes back. Phew

I stayed at school after school in the common room and played COD2 with some of my friends (yeah, Tablet spec’s not good enough for newer ones) and we had some really good times playing a Death match. Anyways, at 5 we all got in the bus to go to the theater which is literally 500meters away from the school. We could have just simply walked to the site but the teacher insisted that we take the bus. We could have just simply walked.

When I got there, I got some make ups on, and did a warm up with “I got a feeling” and hid behind the curtain as the crowd came in. All the lights were on and the band started playing and we ran inside, cheering and started our scene.


Warm up

The entire thing afterward was like a dream, the sort which you don’t want to wake up from. It was awesome. We danced, acted, and I sang off-pitch and became an Earthworm and all those fun stuff. I really did have a blast. We’ll have another performance on Saturday and all my friends( well not all, most) are going out after that. If only my parents would let me out, I would totally do but, given my mom’s frantic nature, going out is just not the smartest choice right now, not until I get to college anyways. *sigh*.


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