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Review: Bun Cha 81 Lac Long Quan

November 21, 2010

   Anyone who lives in Vietnam in general, or Hanoi in specific must have heard of the term: Bun Cha. It’s a food, basically consist of rice noodle, pork barbeque and a specially made dipping sauce. It’s probably one of the best ethnic Vietnamese dish that almost everybody loves because of its simplicity and uncomplicated delicious taste.

Bun Cha 1

   Anyways, this weekend, as you may know (through my the day after blog posts) that we have had our final performance for High School Musical. And so, as all the fun goes, we(my friends and me) decided that it would be suitable to eat Bun Cha before we go to the theater.

   After a bit of research, I found a place, quite renowned on the web. Being cautious, I double-checked all the things to make sure it’s not a scam and decided that it would be the place.

   When I arrived there, I was surprised to find myself standing in a place I have known for 5 years. I never knew that the famous Bun Cha food vendor existed literally on the way to my best friend’s house. Unluckily, my best friend wasn’t able to attend the fun.

   Anyhow, we settled down, called for each of us a serving of Bun Cha and enjoyed the dish. Apart from the somewhat dirty surroundings, the food was simply awesome. With only 30.000 VND ($1.5), you can enjoy a bowl full of rice noodle with meat roasted right in front of you with a bamboo stick. I personally ate two servings which, to the price was more than enough.


   The dipping sauce was another story. It wasn’t too sweet like most other Bun Cha vendor is nor was it too salty. It took on the perfect balance between that and more. The sauce really ties the meat and the noodle together, create an entire party in your mouth, the sensation of satisfaction in your body.

   So, if you are living in Hanoi or visiting it anytime soon, be sure to visit the Bun Cha in 81 Lac Long Quan. It’s a bit hard to find (after you get into lane 81, move straight until you reach a crossroad where on the right hand side, you see a “pagoda gate”. Go inside that, walk straight until you reach number 32. That’s the place), it’s worth the visit and with such a cheap price, the place is pretty unforgettable.


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  1. pridesing permalink

    The food looks enticing 🙂

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