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The day after: First Community Garden Harvest

November 22, 2010

   Okay, before I start, there’s this awesome news I gotta tell you. My friend, who watched  the High School Musical show, took a full footage of the entire production and started posting it online. If you want to watch it, it’s in:

   Down here will be the preview of “Stick to the Status Quo”

   Thanks to teenageguruz and Dung Anh!

      Another exciting news that happened today. We have had our first ever harvest from the community garden . Our community garden started three years ago but was running really sloppy. Luckily, this year, we expanded and relocated the garden to a more visible location and worked hard to make sure they grow. It seems that all the hard work paid off! Down here is the picture when we started:


   And this is what we had a month ago:



   The Garden is now expanded even further with two fully plowed rows, ready to be planted. We also installed a watering system that involves a lot of hoses and handworks. Unfortunately, some of the plants had to be cut down due to aphids, maggots and white flumes growing on them. Sad smile

   Anyways, we were able to harvest lots and lots of basil leaves and brought them home. Seems like I’m having pasta for dinner!!!

   Everything else has been quite normal today though. I quite liked the atmosphere today and felt that I really, seriously love our Senior class. 🙂

   Another small update: There’s a 2000 word short story coming soon so you guys may want to watch over that.

   That’s it for today folks!


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