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In the news: North Korean attacks South Korea

November 23, 2010

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   So, first of all, there shouldn’t be too much hype on this news. The fact is, North Korea has already been blamed for another “attack” resulting in death of 46 sailors (although it denies the charge). This new military attack was towards an island where North Korean shot dozens of artillery shells, killing two soldiers and forcing an evacuation of the civilians.

   The surprising part? As one source in South Korea said, there’s hardly any panicking going in the South Of cause, this report is still new and the opinion is only from one person but it wasn’t hard to “foresee” what happened. North Korea kept threatening South after all.


   I really don’t understand the leader. What is the point? Power? Money? For power, yeah Kim Jong Il does have the entire North Korea under control but from the International perspective, he’s just a crazy dictator. Money would also not be the thing as North Korea stays as one of the poorest nation on this planet (although no reliable data is available). My guess (a serious one) is that Kim Jong Il does indeed see that he is in charge of everything, It’s just…. I don’t know, stupid?

   Stay tuned on the news guys, potentially more updates to come soon.


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