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In the news: Wikileaks, you did it again.

November 29, 2010

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(This post is utterly unedited since I have to rush to study for my exams. Sorry!)

   Anyways, as you may have already heard in the big news agencies, more than 250000 diplomatic record files were leaked onto the major news just today. This thing includes data from the urge of Saudi Arabia King to attack Iran to spying on Mr. General Secretary of UN by obtaining DNA samples …etc…

   Two groups that are shouting at each other: People are celebrating it, seeing it as liberation of media; Politicians are condemning it, claiming that it puts these diplomats into danger. Well, the thing is, if you are afraid these will put them into danger, don’t do it in the first place.

   Okay, maybe it’s not that easy. Maybe it’s not that easy not to keep up to date with the current affairs but seriously, what did they expect? 3 million Americans have clearance to see these “classified” files and they expected that no one is going to leak it out? I believe there are two lessons to be learnt from this:

  1. Never, ever, ever, ever say something out loud that you’re gonna regret later. I know sometimes, this can be intuitive but when you’re a politician, just don’t mix up North Korea and South Korea (yes I’m talking to you Ms. Palin). Try to revise your response before saying it out loud, you’ll save lots of pride from these kind of things.
  2. Don’t trust the “best security ever!” The thing is, if there is the best security, there is always a better hacker. That’s how everything have been, that has been how Anti virus software upgrade, that has been how fireworks upgrade. It all started with hackers attacking and/or pointing out the error of the previous version. So guys, if you put something on the Internet, even with totally encoded messages, expect it to be read by at least one person whom you don’t want them to read.

   So yeah, these are two basic lessons that almost everyone can learn from this event. But will it change anything? There has been three major leaks this year: The 2 war logs and this. Did it actually put people into danger? How “free’” should people be able to see these information? Does democracy actually mean freedom of information?

   For better or worse, I still believe that people deserve to know the truth. It may be hard, it may be harsh but it’s better than being told that it’s alright to find out later that everything is messed up. And this, showed them the truth. I like US, I have some really really really close American friends but for this, I’m disappointed the United States of America. You should have done a better job.

Over and out.


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