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Review: The Last Remnant

December 21, 2010

   So this has been one of the few PC friendly J RPG game out there. I have had my try and surprisingly, I really like this epic tale Square Enix made.

Always good with creating a good world: from tom’s game


  • Great character development: There are literally dozens of playable and talkable characters within this game and each has a unique story. This fact alone is worthy for you to try to talk to every characters and solve their life problems.
  • Great settings: The entire world filled with Remnant was interesting, especially when each of them is so unique and serves a specific purpose. The world builds itself beautifully and convincingly around these Remnants. A great world is made up literally from scratch, “humans” aren’t called “humans” at all. They’re called mitra.
  • Great visual orientation: As being said earlier, the Remnant has made such a grand appearance within each city. Normally in the very middle of the city and gigantic enough that you can only see it from afar (and still have to look up), each and every Remnant will captivate you. In addition, each city has a unique “feel” to it that goes well with its base Remnant. Outside of the city, you are faced with a diverse and beautiful dungeon environment which builds itself on natural feel (and sometimes artificial depending on the place) that sets the mood.
  • Great and unique battle style: The Last Remnant, as expressed has dozens of unique playable characters (which, would be in your party). This would mean that they can’t use the conventional style of battle system where you control each and every person. That just doesn’t work. So Square Enix came up with a new idea: Put 5(maxmimum) units into each “party” and have 5 party at total and let the player control those parties instead!!  So now, instead of giving a detailed “order” to each and every character, you have the option to choose a general action: “Finish em off will mean players use all there skills, Attack with mystic art which means they would use their magic skills”, which adds an interesting strategic point to this game. In addition, the formation also adds a bit to the outcome of the game playing a vital role in the amount of damage you deal and take.

When the battle is epic by Ludwig Kietzmann


  • Weak story presentation: By this I mean the cut scenes. The voices are good but the actors don’t rarely move and in addition, most of the scenes are really rushed and just goes into the “meh” level without inducing any kind of thought. And so, player is often left being confused as of what to do. This doesn’t get much better with side quests as upon entering the quest, you’re directed to the dungeon and told to “find” the thing without any general idea of where it might be. A little bit more movements/emotions/directions would have made the story presentation much better
  • Steep learning curve: By this I mean REALLY steep. The battle system may seem really simple at first, until the first time you lose. You realize that this is not only about smashing the “attack”. You really need to take time to think, even before the battle as of which formation are you going to use. Add into this factor character advancement (levelling up), and other things, and you can literally spend half the first game trying to learn different things. It’s well worth it though
  • Dreadful Battle system: Wait, didn’t I just praise the battle system as being really epic and things? Well, the battle system really shines are big battles and boss battles but it’s literally a double edged sword. Each fight with small creatures can become a drag that you find yourself using the “slow time” skill, in which helps you to fight MORE enemies, to ESCAPE from them. Each time you encounter, you have to select individual commands (except just attack) since all these actions will help in character advancement that you can’t ignore. And so, the battles (especially with petty monsters) become easiliy boring. This however is offset by constant unique battle offered with “rare monsters” and side quests.

One of the “Remnant” The Valeria Heart by


This is a good JRPG game with a few problems. People seem to have balancingand technical issues in Xbox360 version but luckily, SE has fixed it in this PC edition. Should check out JRPG.



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