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The Day After: Sick and tired

December 23, 2010

   So yeah, I’ve been sick yesterday. A good level of fever with a lot of different other bad things and spent the entire afternoon in my bed. I had some miso soup so that’s pretty good Open-mouthed smile though.


   Anyways, I’ve been doing a lot of college stuff recently and my only problem was that before the school ended, I’ve got some problem with Naviance (for anyone who doesn’t know, Naviance is this entire website dedicated for sending high school transcript and stuff for colleges. Good stuff) and wasn’t able to send all those requried documents in time. Which made me contact those universities to consider me submitting these documents late. Luckily, NYU already replied and said that they would accept the late materials. Phew. Not sure about those two other universities though.

   So yeah, there hasn’t been anything noteworthy around the news these days (except for NK SK tension rising up, Ireland bailing out and possibly the entire EU collapsing but oh well Smile with tongue out). So nothing to cover in “In the news” section sadly. I’ll post something when something that catches my eye turns up on the news.

   Music:  IT’S CHRISMAS TIME so down here will be my recommendation for the next few days.

   Yesh, Rudolph is and will always be awesome, to most people Open-mouthed smile

That’s it for now!!!


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