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So what types of aids are good?

February 6, 2011

Yesterday, I posted that maybe, aid is not the right way for people to go. This time, I’ll talk about how some aids will be an essential part of the development

  1. Education: If we are able to help in anyway then Education is the best way to go. Yeah yeah, I know we all hate school and just want another Summer break (or not, just a hasty generalization I guess) but in some part of the world, kids can’t wait to get into school. But they can’t. In Vietnam, many of the kids don’t even have schools in their area and have to walk ridicules distance to get to the nearest school (about 10-15 kms) this, added with high cost (relative to income) of education has put many kids out of school, helping in their family instead. This is a great place for aid to come in. If they can build a school, if they can get a teacher (who is generous enough) to stay in that school for at least a few years a teach there so that there’ll be an educational basis, it would be great.
  2. Healthcare: Now onto the second type, AIDS, cholera, malaria, influenza, cancer, heart disease… all those diseases that we are scared of. But poor people tend to be more vulnerable to the diseases (especially those related to water conditions/hygiene) and as they are poor, they can’t afford to pay all those humongous bills that is needed to help them get better. Therefore, healthcare aid, maybe in vaccinations and free operations and such would be great. It would be better however, to train the capable locals to be a nurse and even give the high school grads medical training in universities so that they can return to their community with all the skills (and if that happens, then provision of necessary facilities would also be needed. Without making them depend on aid…. It’s hard xD)
  3. Something that I haven’t thought of.

This list will be added but right now, these two are in my opinion, best ways to give aid. However, it would mean nothing if they can’t use their new found skills and health to productive work. Therefore, job creation must also be implemented.


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