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Global Issues Network 2011–The finale

April 11, 2011

   Recently, I was able to be one of the lucky students to attend the Global Issues Network in the Jakarta International School – JIS located in….. wait for the surprise….. JAKARTA Open-mouthed smile

   Global Issues Network is basically a network of young people connecting with each other with the sole aim to create changes in the world. However, I won’t be concentrating on how the conference went. Instead, I want to talk about all my experiences with GIN over the past 2 years and my thoughts on how GIN should evolve. It’ll be filled with all those dramatic “awakening” but all of the accounts are pretty close to the truth so yeah…

In 2010, I attended my first GIN conference. Back then, I went there not knowing what to expect. And then I met Spencer West and Efron Penoflorida as well as many other people. They were inspiring, to the point that when Spencer West finished his speech, We were all standing up, sort of wetting our eyes, some even crying. That was when it clicked; and from then on, I was a difference person (warned you of the dramatic awakening Smile with tongue out) But hopefully, the end of the conference wasn’t the end of the connections. I was able to connect with one other student, from an International School in Indonesia whom I still keep in contact and who is probably one of my best friend. We stayed in contact and GIN was our frequent topic of discussion.


Picture with Spencer West

However, nearly all the other students weren’t able to make that kind of connection like I made. They all continued on with their life at their school. And then the next school year came and all of the people who went to GIN in Hong Kong either left or were now Seniors (including me.) So we needed to recruit some new members. Hopefully, our number went up to 15 (from 7 last year.) But due to circumstances, the group was again demotivated and our works were delayed. Simply put, GIN in my school suddenly wasn’t working anymore.

In order to solve it, I talked to the person in the Indonesian International school. We talked about defining GIN and what it meant.  Why? Because I wanted to go back to the fundamentals, to find our goals. What we came up with was that GIN needs to create a network between different schools to create a difference.

Wait wait wait, how does it work? So let’s imagine GIN delegates from 5 different schools meet in the GIN conference. They all developed a connection that they bring back to the school; then these 5 people form a network between these 5 schools such that each year, they will work on a common project (an event that will happen on the same day …etc…). We both agreed that this model will work since it creates the sense that the students are part of something much bigger and also create a sense of competition between schools.

With that thought, we went to the conference in JIS, I talked with my teacher about the idea and she was a bit skeptical about the idea although she still encouraged me to make those connections. Throughout the conferences, I made 2-3 connections so that I can contact students in those schools.


Student Workshop by our school

The night after the first day, my teacher talked to me about how a teacher in GIN had the exact same idea like me and is working on it to take GIN to the next step and part of the plan was to create a committee of GIN alumnus to work on it. So now that my ideas are really being worked through, what should I do? Apply for it continue GIN in my University: UBC.


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